Background on Luis Salgado

Matt Farina contacted Luis Salgado through his company Salgado Productions looking for an opportunity to take a class with him to gain experience and knowledge of Latin dance. I wanted to learn authentic Latin dance technique and movements to include in the choreography of In The Heights to stay true to the culture of the show and its characters. After a couple of email exchanges, he generously offered to share his expertise with the cast and do so at Immaculate.

What he provided: A half hour Q&A conversation where he shared stories and answered questions. Two hours of Latin dance technique learning the different rhythms and syncopations associated with Latin dance forms including plena and salsa. He infused the workshop with knowledge and history of Latin dance and culture. Luis provided meaning for the movement in In The Heights and character descriptions and development. He provided invaluable insight into the world of In The Heights and inspired all of us. The experience to learn from, and interact with, an original cast member of In The Heights who was also the Latin Assistant Choreographer (the show won the Tony Award for Best Choreography in 2008) was a truly unique and special gift.

A little bit of info on him (all info from Luis was an original cast member and Latin Assistant Choreographer for the Tony Award winning musical In The Heights. He has traveled all over the world as a dancer, choreographer, actor, teacher, and philanthropist. He has performed in such shows as The Mambo Kings, Fame, and Aida. Film credits include Step Up 2: The Streets, Enchanted, Across The Universe, The Great Observer, and Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. He has choreographed the musicals Serenade, Salsa Gorda, and Shafrika the White Girl. Luis is also the founder/director of R.Evolucion Latina, a collection of artists and activists committed to empowering the artistic community in order to inspire growth within the Latino community.

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